Racing Towards April





10/23/2020 - Day 1 of ESW 2020

Day one of Eastern States Weekend wrapped up with near 100 drivers qualified for today’s events. 

The day kicked off with qualifying for the Sportsman division. A unique twist for the sportsman competitors was after being split up into six groups, drivers only had to beat their fellow group competitors, instead of the overall field. Invading star Kyle Inman topped group 1 while former Sportsman regular Joey Bruning bested group 2. Track Champion Tanner VanDoran out ranked group 3 and invaders Zach Sobotka, Tommy Collins, and Alan Fink all rounded out groups 4,5,and 6.

Six heat events locked in the remaining field with Jordan Lawrence, Kevin Root, Tyler Murray, Gary Edwards Jr., Matt Janczuk, and Mel Schrufer collectively winning their heats while invading stars Joe Toth…

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