The Dirt On The Costs Of Speedway Racing

The Dirt On The Costs Of Speedway Racing

Running Diagnostics On The Costs

Like any hobby, you’ll need to have some disposable income to get started in motorway racing. If you’re low on funds, look for some ways to earn more income. Getting a job as a speedway racer is certainly attainable, but it won’t come without its sacrifices.

The first aspect to consider is how to practice your hobby. For beginners, racing go-karts is the recommended way to test out racing for an affordable cost. Many professional NASCAR racers started their careers by winning go-kart competitions at a young age. Go-karts teach you the mechanics of racing and competition behind the wheel. After go-karts, it’s time to move on to racing actual cars. To do that, you’ll need to invest in a motor racing license course, which can run around $600.

Getting started in speedway racing is surely an investment, as you won’t be able to make money doing it for some years. Starting out, you’ll have to pay the fees to get started racing. From fronting money for the equipment to entering the race, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars in the beginning. However, if you have the determination, you can eventually start earning around $50,000 per race.

Racing To Raise Money

How can you raise the money to get started in racing? It’s a difficulty almost every professional racer has gone through. Here are some tips on how to raise extra funds for your dreams.

  • Start a blog or YouTube channel about racing. Finding a niche where you can enjoy informing others about your hobbies can lead to a profitable venture. Running ad revenue on successful blogs and channels can help earn extra income.

  • Sell old items on eBay or another website. The internet marketplace is booming, and anyone can make t-shirts or sell any items they don’t use anymore to make a profit.

  • Start taking on odd jobs like driving for a service or delivering groceries. In addition to letting you earn extra cash, you’ll be practicing your driving. You can make up to $25 an hour in certain positions.


While there are certainly costs associated with getting started in speedway racing, it’s an attainable dream if you have the determination. You’ll have to front your own money until you become skilled or successful enough get paid to drive, but there are plenty of ways to earn additional income. So don’t let the costs deter you — if you dream of racing as a hobby or a career, start driving.