Revenge 40 and Sportsman Twin 20's to Replace SDS Race at OCFS

Revenge 40 and Sportsman Twin 20's to Replace SDS Race at OCFS

Tuesday, July 28th is now the REVENGE 40!

The event originally scheduled as the Super DIRT Series race "Battle of the Midway 100" has been replaced with an all new format at OCFS!

The northeast's best drivers will now face off for a $6,000 to win prize in a special "Revenge" style format.

Group time trials, top 5 will invert for heat line ups. The top 10 to 12 qualified drivers will enter into a “REVENGE” redraw. Each driver will draw a number and they must give that starting spot to a competitor in the redraw group. The remainder of the starting field will be determined by heat and last chance qualifier finish. 40 lap feature event will have an enhanced purse. Drivers will receive a bonus of $10 for each positioned gained in the feature event.

Joining the United Rentals Big Block Modifieds are the Sportsman with 2 separate 20 lap features sponsored by FOX SHOCKS. The prize is $1,000 to win each. The format will feature time trial qualifying, odd number qualifiers 1-29 will be in Feature number one. Even number qualifiers 2-30 will be in feature number two. Each feature will start up to 30 cars. 24 fastest qualifiers will redraw for feature starting spot (12 in each race). In the event more than 60 Sportsman cars show up for the event, a 10 lap Non-Qualifiers race may be run.

Until further notice, this is a STREAMING ONLY event.  You can watch all the action live right here on our website starting at 6PM EST.