Power Wheels Racing at Eastern States Weekend 2019

Power Wheels Racing at Eastern States Weekend 2019

On Sunday, October 27th, families attending Eastern States Weekend are invited to compete in the first ever ESW Power Wheels races at Victory RC Speedway! Eastern States Power Wheel race is intended as a companion event for the attendees of our Eastern States Weekend Festival.   While there is no entry fee for the Power Wheels race, an Eastern States Sunday event ticket is required to get on the grounds.

When: Sunday, Oct. 27th 10am-12pm before the ESW 200
Where: Victory RC Speedway at the Orange County Fairgrounds
Ages: 4-10
Classes: 6V and 12V Stock Only

There will be a pre race inspection to ensure vehicles are stock Power Wheels (or similar) brand electric car. Remember, this is for the kids, please do not attempt to cheat, DQ’s will be issued.

- Jump start rule: Kids will be kids, they will be anxious and nervous at the starting line. For that reason, this rule will help with setting guidelines. If a child jumps the start, it will be a no start. Get back in line, try it again.. if it happens again, get back in line and try again. After that, if the same one jumps, they will be set back 2 car lengths as a penalty. If they do it again, 2 more. If it happens again.. they will sit that race out. So, 2 tries for a regular start... After that, 2 more tries with 2 lengths added each time. No fifth try.

- Stock class rules: 6 or 12 volt power wheels as they are when bought new. No performance modifications at all! No rubber added to the tires! No 24 volt power wheels. No bigger motor/motors. No additional voltages added! If it came on a 6 or 12 volt power wheel, it's allowed. May have a aftermarket body for looks. Parents may not be on the track with racers after they have been lined up for start, no push starts. Racers will be DQ'd if so.

- Bicycle helmets required for all drivers

- Race format will be determined by the number of entrants

Pre-registration for all competitors is encouraged, to sign up please email ddulgarian@ocfsracing.com, there is no fee to sign up.

If you would like to come on board as a sponsor for this race and/or awards, please email ddulgarian@ocfsracing.com. Every dollar given will go towards monetary prizes and awards for the kids.