Orange County Fair Speedway: 100 Years - Docu-Series Trailer

Orange County Fair Speedway: 100 Years - Docu-Series Trailer

Race Fans are you ready? Start your engines and take a trip down memory lane for a special tribute documenting the Centennial celebration of Orange County Speedway!!

This 10-part docu-series takes us on a journey through a 100 years of history at Orange County Speedway filled with classic footage, old photos and never-told-before stories from drivers, fans, owners and media.

Through the lenses of an Emmy-Award winning production team, each episode is a mix of old and new while celebrating the people and decades that have made The House of Power Legendary!

Episodes will start streaming daily beginning August 9th through the centennial celebration culminating on August 18th with the final episode featuring real and raw moments of the weekends big race festivities. Check for release information and updates!

Director Jason Aron is partnering with AMV to bring live coverage of the Centennial Race Weekend.  Aron has produced and directed some of the most high profile streamed events in sports over the last five years including coverage for Showtime for the largest event in combat sports history in 2017, as Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor. His work extends into other sports as he directed the coverage for Slam Magazine's Summer Classic in a partnership with Facebook in 2018.  For this event, Aron is once again partnering with AMV, an institution in mobile video production and satellite transmission since 1976.  AMV’s reputation and coverage of events has spread all over North America and as far as Kenya covering sports, news, and major awards shows.  The team is beyond excited to bring this 10 camera coverage to you, covering the entire track from every angle, including inside the cars and an amazing aerial view with our partners at Flying Monster, one of the most respected television and film aerial cinematography teams.