7/13/19 - ASCOC Schedule Amendment to Allow for More Track Time

7/13/19 - ASCOC Schedule Amendment to Allow for More Track Time

At the careful consideration of our track crew and management, July 13th's schedule has been modified to allow for our Small Block modified drivers to get more track time on the new surface.

  1. Upon entering the pit area SBM drivers will draw a number at the officials stand (in pits)  to determine their heat race starting spot.
  2. SBM’s will have a traditional Hot Lap / Warm Up session.  No qualifiers will come from Hot Lap session.
  3. SBM’s will have 1 or 2 consis as needed.
  4. 1st Feature lineup will be heads up based on heat finish.
  5. 2nd Feature lineup will be an invert. Amount of cars inverted will be determined by a random draw from 1st Feature winner in Victory Lane.  

Orange County Fair Speedway Saturday 7-13-19 Schedule

Subject To Change

*Upon entry SBM Drivers pick number for heat start*

Drivers Meeting: 4:30 PM

Motor Heat: 4:45 PM

All Star Sprint Hot Laps (GWC)

All Star Sprint Qualifying (2 Laps)

SBM Hot Laps Session

6:00 PM Opening Ceremonies

All Star Heats 8 Laps

**SB Mod Heats 8 Laps – Feature Start Heads-Up based on heat finish

(Run 1 SBM Heat then All Star Dash then remaining heats)

**All Star Dash Redraw

All Star Dash (2) 4 Laps

All Star B-Main (12 Laps)

 SB Mod B-Main  - 8 Laps

Intermission / SB Mod Wheel Spin

SB Mod Make Up Feature (6/1) - 25 Laps

SB Mod Victory Lane / Redraw for 2nd Feature Start

All Star A-Main (30 Laps) Top 3 Front Stretch

SB Mod All Star Feature - 25 laps, Double Purse

Driver Radio 454.000    All Star Radio 451.925