Pre-Registration is REQUIRED for teams for all events. A DIRTcar license is required for all United Rentals Big Block Division drivers. 

In order to remain in compliance with the CDC's guidelines for social distancing, race teams will be required to pre-register for events by calling the OCFS office at 845-342-2573 between the hours of 11am and 3pm on weekdays.  Teams will need to be prepared to answer questions like hauler length, racing division, etc. to complete registration over the phone.  Registration is limited, spots are assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Teams will also need to submit the regular liability forms, turned in at the gate on the day of the event.

Upon arriving at the track all race team personnel will be subject to additional screening prior to entering the site and randomly during the event by medical professionals and OCFS staff. If there are any concerns at any time about an individual's suitability to participate, that person will be denied access until cleared by their personal physician. Teams will receive their parking assignments, wrist bands for team members, order of events, map, CDC safety guidelines and 2 hard cards for team spotters.  They will also be screened for compliance with CDC guidelines. 

To more easily maintain social distancing, teams are asked to enter the grounds with all 6 team members at the same time, with one vehicle (hauler), additional team vehicles must be parked in the Speedway's top lot, located between the fairgrounds and Alto Music. Participants will be restricted to working only in their team's designated area in a capacity necessary to perform their individual role.  Socializing between teams is discouraged, especially if social distancing can not be maintained.

Face masks will also be required for team members in the pit areas as well as team spotters in the grandstands.  Hand washing stations will be available to competitors (with locations marked on map), their regular use is encouraged.    

2 spotters for each team will be permitted in the half-covered grandstands during the practice session.  These spotters must have proper credentials (Hard Cards issued at gate), must be wearing face masks and must maintain a minimum of 6 feet social distancing, remaining in compliance with the CDC's recommended guidelines for slowing the spread of COVID-19.  NO FANS OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE GRANDSTANDS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, ONLY 2 SPOTTERS PER TEAM. 

 OCFS staff and management is also prepared with PPE and social distancing guidelines and will be enforcing measures on the grounds among competitors and teams.  We're very excited to get cars back on the track and we want to thank all of our competitors for their patience and a thanks in advance for your compliance while we navigate opening back up in a safe and controlled fashion.