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  • Saturday, August 27 - Holiday Inn of Middletown - King of Catskills Qualifier Accord Speedway Night
    • Crane Golf Challenge Series Race #4 (Final) for Street Stocks
    • M,SP,R,SS, VINT


Posted: August 22nd, 2016

MIDDLETOWN, NY (August 21)……..When the exhaust fumes settle from the Saturday, August 27 race meet at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York, there will be just a single week of competition before the track point champions are crowned. For drivers in each of the speedway’s stock car divisions this makes the upcoming racing program even more important as point championships---including trophies, cash bonuses, and all-important bragging rights---get closer to being determined.

Four racing divisions---Big-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stocks---will be in action on the 27th, with a full program of qualifying and feature races.

In the headline Big-Block Modified division, the point battle couldn’t be closer. Less than ten points separate the top-four contenders for the lucrative championship. Stewart Friesen, in his first season of weekly racing at Orange County, defending titlist Jerry Higbie, challenger Billy Vaninwegen, and former champion Tommy Meier are locked in an epic battle for supremacy on the Orange County Hard Clay. All the track championships will be decided on September 3, but this Saturday’s King of the Catskills/Accord Speedway Night will set the stage for the season point finale.

Adding to the drama of the night, the winner of the 30-lap Big-Block Modified feature race will earn an automatic starting position in the upcoming Accord Speedway King of the Catskills race. In addition, the competitive Street Stock division drivers will wrap up their “title-within-a-championship” with Race No. 4 in the Crane Golf Challenge Series. And the nearly 40-strong Sportsman drivers will be out to earn a starting position in a pair of 15-lap feature races. To cap off the jam-packed evening of racing, the Vintage Modifieds will also return to Orange County.

Admission prices for the August 16 race meet remain at $15 adults, $13 seniors, and $1.00 for children 12 and under. The exceptionally full night of racing begins promptly at 6:30 pm.

Advance ticket sales for all remaining 2016 races, including the September 17 Eve of Destruction and the October 21-23 55th Annual Eastern States Weekend, and track information are available at the Orange County website,, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.


September 3 – WLR Construction Champions Night. Big-Block Modifieds, Small-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, and Street Stocks. Final Point Night All Divisions

September 10 – Superior Remodeling/911 Tribute/Firefighter & EMT Appreciation Night. Eastern States Qualifier for Big-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, and Street Stocks. Rookie Sportsman racing as well

August 20 Recap

Posted: August 22nd, 2016


MIDDLETOWN, NY – Veteran Middletown drivers John Ferrier and Tom Hindley put an end to long winless streaks last Saturday night to highlight racing activity at the Orange County Fair Speedway.

Ferrier notched his first Modified victory in more than 13 years as he staved off the late challenges provided by Stewart Friesen en route to winning the 30-lap main event. It was Ferrier’s third career triumph and his first trip to the winner’s circle since May 17, 2013.

Hindley, who won for the first time in 12 seasons, and Rob Rowe, who collected his first OCFS career victory, shared the limelight in Small Block Modified competition as the track hosted a pair of 15-lap main events.

Hindley, who grabbed his sixth career Small Block win, chased down Rowe throughout the 15-lap nightcap before grabbing the lead and going on to win for the first time since Aug. 7, 2004.

Ferrier, after starting outside pole, took command of the Modified feature from the start and led the entire event. However, Friesen was entertaining the OCFS audience with a convincing drive from the rear of the field as he raced into the top 10 by the 11th lap.

Friesen, after finishing fourth in his qualifying heat, was disqualified during the post-race inspection for racing with an illegal tire. He was forced to start the main event in 22nd because of the infraction.

Friesen quickly moved his way through the field in the early stages of the race and sat in sixth place when Mike Kolka stopped on the track in the third turn to force a caution with 19 laps completed.

Friesen vaulted into fourth place following the ensuing restart, and was scored in second place just before an incident involving Jeremy Markle and Donnie Wilson between the first and second turns slowed action with 22 laps completed.

The caution provided Friesen with the opportunity he needed, but Ferrier was there to slam the door shut. Ferrier kept Friesen in second place on that restart and did it again four laps later to earn a popular win. Friesen, who took over first place in the standings, settled for second with Gary Edwards Jr., John Lieto and Tommy Meier rounding out the top five.

Rowe put himself in position to earn a sweep of the Small Block Modified competition when he picked the pole after capturing his first win. The top 10 finishers from the 15-lap opener drew for their positions from 10 cards and Rowe grabbed the ace.

Rowe seemed well on his way to pulling off the feat as he led for the first 13 laps with Hindley and Meier in hot pursuit. But Rowe’s car was noticeably slowing and he lost the lead and several positions on the 14th circuit around the five-eighths mile, hard clay oval.

Hindley grabbed the lead and went on to take the win ahead of Meier, Mike Ricci, Kirk Horton and Shane Jablonka.

Rowe inherited first place from Joe Falanga following a pile-up in the fourth turn on a second-lap restart and then held off the challenges provided by Eddie Burgess to earn his initial OCFS win.

Both Rowe and Burgess were seeking their first wins in the division as the race was run caution-free the rest of the way. Rowe remained just ahead as he grabbed the checkered flag just 0.854 seconds ahead of Burgess. Ricci, Edwards and Hindley rounded out the top five.

Chris Stevens picked up his second win this season in the Sportsman 20-lap feature as he finished ahead of Joe Conklin, Tyler Boniface, Greg Sleight and Bobby DeLeon.

The race was marred by a pile-up down the homestretch after five laps as Corey Cormier flipped his Sportsman car and landed upside down. Several cars were involved in the incident, but no one was injured.

Cole Hentschel notched his second straight win and Danny Carlough won for the first time as the track hosted a pair of 12 lap features for the Rookie Crate Sportsman drivers.

Hentschel powered ahead of Connor Otten following a 10th-lap restart and then went on to finish ahead of Otten, Rich Ricci III, Brad Horton and Bobby Flood.

Carlough inherited first place on the 11th lap when leader Chris Raser spun and then went on to finish ahead of Cody Hunt, Stan Vishinski IV, Patrick Reiser and Tommy Zwart.

Jim Maher continued his recent dominance of Street Stock competition as he grabbed his fourth win of 2016 in the 15-lap race.

Maher, who was won three of the last four features, grabbed first place away from Emerson Cargain Sr. on the eighth lap as he went on to score his 13th career win. Mike Vigiletti finished second with Paul Maiolo, Jim Hajkowski and Wayne Taylor following.

Modified Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. John Ferrier, 2. Stewart Friesen, 3. Gary Edwards Jr., 4. John Lieto, 5. Tommy Meier, 6. Billy VanInwegen, 7. Brendan Finley, 8. Craig Mitchell, 9. Jerry Higbie, 10. Richie Eurich, 11. Matt Janiak, 12. Chris Shultz, 13. Michael Storms, 14. Jeremy Markle, 15. L.J. Lombardo, 16. Chris Whitehead, 17. Donnie Wilson, 18. Mike Kolka, 19. Danny Cronk, 20. Mike Horton, 21. Jimmy Horton, 22. Bob McGannon.

First Small Block Modified Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Rob Rowe, 2. Eddie Burgess, 3. Mike Ricci, 4. Gary Edwards Jr., 5. Tom Hindley, 6. Tommy Meier, 7. Zack Vavricka, 8. Kirk Horton, 9. Jimmy Spellmon, 10. Frank Doty, 11. Matt Janiak, 12. John Ferrier, 13. Jesse Leiby, 14. John Lieto, 15. Joe Falanga, 16. Shane Jablonka, 17. Rich Eggers, 18. Willy Auchmoody, 19. Bobby Hentschel, 20. Bob McGannon, 21. Joe Barbagallo Jr., 22. Donnie Elliott, 23. Rich Coons.

Second Small Block Modified Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Tom Hindley, 2. Tommy Meier, 3. Mike Ricci, 4. Kirk Horton, 5. Shane Jablonka, 6. Jimmy Spellmon, 7. Gary Edwards Jr., 8. John Lieto, 9. Frank Doty, 10. Zack Vavricka, 11. Bob McGannon, 12. John Ferrier, 13. Joe Falanga, 14. Rob Rowe, 15. Jesse Leiby, 16. Eddie Burgess, 17. Rich Eggers. Did Not Start: Matt Janiak, Willy Auchmoody, Bobby Hentschel, Joe Barbagallo Jr., Donnie Elliott, Rich Coons.

Sportsman Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Chris Stevens, 2. Joe Conklin, 3. Tyler Boniface, 4. Greg Sleight, 5. Bobby DeLeon, 6. Jeff Hulseapple, 7. Jeff Richardson, 8. Patrick Murphy, 9. Rafaele Carson, 10. Allison Ricci, 11. Leo Fotopoulos, 12. Jimmy Johnson, 13. Anthony Falanga, 14. Troy Arnold, 15. Howie Finch, 16. Tommy Vigh Jr., 17. Jesse Leiby, 18. Chris Lynch, 19. Frank Venezia, 20. Joe Bonetti, 21. Randy Sweetman, 22. Corey Cormier, 23. Aaron Doolittle, 24. Billy Eggers Jr. Disqualified: Milton Mann. Did Not Qualify: Mel Schrufer, Pete Goydich, Eddie Burgess, Dan Morgiewicz, Joe Falanga, Doc Young, Phil Johnson, Matt Burke, Bob Wosyluk, Ron Cockley, Rich Coons, Steve Eubanks.

First Crate Rookie Sportsman Feature Finish, 12 Laps: 1. Danny Carlough, 2. Cody Hunt, 3. Stan Vishinski IV, 4. Patrick Reiser, 5. Tommy Zwart, 6. Jake Granacker, 7. George Begg, 8. Chris Raser, 9. Paul Hyde, 10. Erin Paulison, 11. John Gilroy, 12. Don Smith, 13. Matt Shultz, 14. Roger Henion Jr., 15. Mike Orlando. Did Not Start: Rich Eggers, Bob Hallabeck.

Second Crate Rookie Sportsman Feature Finish, 12 Laps: 1. Cole Hentschel, 2. Connor Otten, 3, Rich Ricci III, 4. Brad Horton, 5. Bobby Flood, 6. John Farissier, 7. Ashley Rogosich, 8. Tanner Johnson, 9. Kyle Jashembowski, 10. Michael Giulano, 11. Bryan Jones, 12. Russell Crotty, 13. Taylor Hurban, 14. Mark Connoly, 15. Jared Miller. Did Not Start: Chris Cook.

Street Stock Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Jim Maher, 2. Mike Vigiletti, 3, Paul Maiolo, 4. Jim Hajkowski, 5. Wayne Taylor, 6. Emerson Cargain Sr., 7. Charlie Donald, 8. Terry McNamara, 9. John Hechinger, 10. Scott Gumaer, 11. Pete Wiegand, 12. Emerson Cargain Jr., 13. Tommy Pickles, 14. Joe Paino, 15. Ryan Modiano, 16. Michael O’Sullivan, 17. Mario Contarino.

August 20th Complete Results

Modified Winner: John Ferrier
Small Block Modified Winners: Rob Rowe & Tom Hindley
Sportsman Winner: Chris Stevens
Rookie Sportsman Winners: Danny Carlough & Cole Hentschel
Street Stock Winner: Jim Maher
URC Sprint Car Winner: Curt Michael


Heat 1) Jimmy Horton, Rich Eurich, LJ Lombardo, Craig Mitchell, Chris Shultz, Danny Cronk, Mike Horton

Heat 2) Gary Edwards Jr., Jeremy Markle, Billy Vaninwegen, Chris Whitehead, Matt Janiak, Donnie Wilson, Stewart Friesen

Heat 3) Brendan Finley, John Ferrier, Mike Kolka, John Lieto, Jerry Higbie, Tommy Meier, Bob McGannon, Mike Storms

FEATURE) John Ferrier, Stewart Friesen, Gary Edwards Jr., John Lieto, Tommy Meier, Billy Vaninwegen, Brendan Finley, Craig Mitchell, Jerry Higbie, Rich Eurich, Matt Janiak, Chris Shultz, Mike Storms, Jeremy Markle, LJ Lombardo, Chris Whitehead, Donnie Wilson, Mike Kolka, Danny Cronk, Mike Horton, Jimmy Horton, Bob McGannon

Small Block Modifieds:

Heat 1) Willy Auchmoody, Zach Vavricka, Jimmy Spellmon, Rob Rowe, Shane Jablonka, Joe Barbagallo, Kirk Horton, John Lieto

Heat 2) Joey Falanga, Bob McGannon, Matt Janiak, Bobby Hentschel, John Ferrier, Tom Hindley, Tyler Treacy, Jesse Leiby

Heat 3) Gary Edwards Jr., Tommy Meier, Eddie Burgess, Mike Ricci, Donnie Elliott, Frank Doty, Rich Eggers, Rich Coons

FEATURE #1) Rob Rowe, Eddie Burgess, Mike Ricci, Gary Edwards Jr., Tom Hindley, Tommy Meier, Zach Vavricka, Kirk Horton, Jimmy Spellmon, Frank Doty, Matt Janiak, John Ferrier, Jesse Leiby, John Lieto, Joey Falanga, Shane Jablonka, Rich Eggers, Willy Auchmoody, Bobby Hentschel, Bob McGannon, Joe Barbagallo, Donnie Elliott, Rich Coons

FEATURE #2) Tom Hindley, Tommy Meier, Mike Ricci, Kirk Horton, Shane Jablonka, Jimmy Spellmon, Gary Edwards Jr., John Lieto, Frank Doty, Zach Vavricka, Bob McGannon, John Ferrier, Joey Falanga, Rob Rowe, Jesse Leiby, Eddie Burgess, Rich Eggers


Heat 1) Rafaele Carson, Troy Arnold, Greg Sleight, Tommy Vigh, Howie Finch, Allison Ricci, Joe Bonetti, Chris Lynch, Joey Falanga, Matt BUrke

Heat 2) Bobby Deleon, Jeff Richardson, Anthony Falanga, Jeff Hulseapple, Leo Fotopoulos, Steve Eubanks, Pete Goydich, Ron Cockley, Rich Coons

Heat 3) Chris Stevens, Joe Conklin, Billy Eggers Jr., Randy Sweetman, Corey Cormier, Eddie Burgess, Jimmy Johnson, Daniel Morgiewicz, Phil Johnson

Heat 4) Frank Venezia, Milton Mann, Tyler Boniface, Pat Murphy, Aaron Doolittle, Rob Wosyluk, Doc Young, Mel Shrufer, Jesse Leiby

Consi) Howie Finch, Leo Fotopoulos, Allison Ricci, Corey Cormier, Aaron Doolittle, Joe Bonetti, Chris Lynch, Jimmy Johnson, Mel Schrufer, Pete Goydich, Eddie Burgess, Jesse Leiby, Daniel Morgiewicz, Joey Falanga, Doc Young, Phil Johnson, Matt Burke, Rob Wosyluk

Feature) Chris Stevens, Joe Conklin, Tyler Boniface, Greg Sleight, Bobby Deleon, Jeff Hulseapple, Jeff Richardson, Pat Murphy, Rafaele Carson, Allison Ricci, Leo Fotopoulos, Jimmy Johnson, Anthony Falanga, Troy Arnold, Howie Finch, Tommy Vigh, Jesse Leiby, Chris Lynch, Frank Venezia, Joe Bonetti, Randy Sweetman, Corey Cormier, Aaron Doolittle, Billy Eggers Jr., Milton Mann (DQ)

Rookie Sportsman:

Feature #1) Danny Carlough, Cody Hunt, Stan Vishinski IV, Patrick Reiser, Tommy Zwart, Jake Granacher, George Begg, Chris Raser, Paul Hyde, Erin Paulison, John Gilroy, Don Smith, Matt Shultz, Roger Henion Jr., Mike Orlando

Feature #2) Cole Hentschel, Connor Otten, Rich Ricci III, Brad Horton, Bobby Flood, John Farrisier, Ashley Rogosich, Tanner Johnson, Kyle Jashembowski, Michael Giuliano, Brian Jones, Russel Crotty, Taylor Hurban, Mark Connoly, Jared Miller

Street Stock:

Feature: Jim Maher, Mike Vigiletti, Paul Maiolo, Jim Hajkowski, Wayne Taylor, Emerson Cargain Sr., Charlie Donald, Terry McNamara, John Hechinger, Scott Gumaer, Paul Wiegand, Emerson Cargain Jr., Tommy Pickle, Joe Paino, Ryan Modiano, Michael O'Sullivan, Mario Contarino

URC Sprints:

Heat 1) Chris Coyle, Curt Michael, Jonathan Swanson, Justin Whitehall, JR Berry, Mark Sasso, Thomas Radivoy, Billy Vaninwegen

Heat 2) Davie Franek, Adam Carberry, Jeremy Quick, Geoff Quackenbush, Ryan Stillwagon, Jason Clauss, B K Rizzo, Jason Cherry

Heat 3) Chuck Hebing, Jimmy Stitzel, Christian Rumsey, Scott Goodrich, Brett Michalski, Scott Flammer, Troy Betts

Feature) Curt Michael, Davie Franek, Chuck Hebing, Adam Carberry, Chris Coyle, Justin Whithall, Jimmy Stitzel, Jason Clauss, Jeremy Quick, Scott Goodrich, Brett Michalski, Ryan Stillwagon, Thomas Radivoy, Mark Sasso, JR Berry, Jason Cherry, Christian Rumsey, Jonathan Swanson, B K Rizzo, Geoff Quackenbush, Scott Flammer

Eastern States Lap Sponsorships Now Available

Posted: August 9th, 2016

Sponsor a lap for the 2016 Eastern States Weekend - Contact Ken Sands at the Speedway Office
Laps are $25 each lap for Modifieds, $15 each lap for Small Block Modifieds and $15 each lap for Sportsman

August 6 Recap

Posted: August 7th, 2016


MIDDLETOWN, NY – Tommy Meier put himself back in the hunt for the 2016 Modified track championship at the Orange County Fair Speedway last Saturday night when he rebounded from a poor showing two weeks ago to capture his third victory of the season in the 30-lap main event.

Meier, who entered racing on July 23 in first place, was dealt a serious blow in the Modified title chase when a broken pinion shift on his car put him out of action before a lap was scored in the feature. That dropped the popular Waldwick, N.J., into sixth place – 21 points behind leader Jerry Higbie with just four races remaining this season.

Meier, after a dominating win in his qualifying heat, vaulted into second place behind leader Jimmy Horton at the drop of the green. Horton was able to build a comfortable cushion during the early stages of the event before Meier started closing in as the drivers approached lapped traffic.

Meier, who was averaging speeds of over 106 miles per hour around the five-eighths mile, hard clay oval, was glued to Horton’s bumper as the race reached its midway point and then snuck his nose under Horton while racing off the second turn on the 17th circuit.

Horton was able to maintain his lead off the turn and held a slight advantage over Meier during the next two laps. However, Horton, while approaching slower traffic once again, misjudged a pass on Mike Horton while racing through the first turn and wound up looping his car around.

Horton’s miscue handed first place over to Meier and he went on to post his 19th career OCFS victory – deadlocking Bud Marl for 20th place all-time at the track. Higbie followed close behind in second place and was also able to maintain first place in the standings with 871 points.

There are only 31 points separating the top five with Billy VanInwegen (863), Stewart Friesen (857), Meier (856) and L.J. Lombardo (840) following Higbie with just three events remaining. Jimmy Horton (837), Craig Mitchell (827), Bob McGannon (826), Jeremy Markle (815) and Gary Edwards Jr. (812) round out the top 10 in the standings.
Lombardo kept his hopes alive with a third-place showing behnd Meier and Higbie. He was followed across the finish line by VanInwegen, Friesen, Danny Cronk, John Lieto, Chris Whitehead, Mitchell and John Ferrier.

Michael Storms turned in a 12th place finish in his 2016 debut behind the wheel of a No. 14 Modified owned by Robbie Sherlock. Storms has been missing from the racing scene for several seasons.

The Capital Region Sprint Agency (CRSA) 305 Sprint Car drivers roared into town for their third visit of the season and Brian Krummel paced a clean sweep of Middletown drivers with an impressive victory in the 20-lap feature.

Krummel, a successful campaigner in Small Block Modified and Sportsman competition at the track, started on the pole and never trailed throughout as he led fellow Middletown residents Scott Goodrich and Christian Rumsey across the finish line.

“It definitely helps when you know the race track,’’ said Krummel, “but these guys do a heck of a job giving me a good car to race with. I just show up and race. It’s kind of out of my element.’’

Kyle Smith, who took one of the three heat races, finished in fourth place with Thomas Radivoy, Eddie Strada, Emily VanInwegen, Billy VanInwegen, Brett Jaycox and Peter Dance rounding out the top 10.

Tyler Boniface padded his lead in the Sportsman standings as he pocketed his second victory this season in the 20-lap feature ahead of Anthony Falanga, Dan Morgiewicz, Jesse Leiby and Leo Fotopoulos.

Boniface, who is seeking his first OCFS track championship, grabbed first place away from Jeff Richardson on the 12th lap and then went on to score his third career win at the track. The win boosted Boniface’s total to 989 points – 55 more than Joe Conklin in second.

A field of 31 Rookie Crate Sportsman drivers added a new twist as OCFS track management elected to have four qualifying races and a pair of 12-lap features.

Second-generation drivers Cole Hentschel and Matt Shultz both recorded the first victories of their OCFS careers in the two main events.

Hentschel led the entire 12-lap distance as he led Roger Henion Jr., Rich Ricci III, John Farissier and Patrick Reiser across the finish line. Shultz got the jump on Brad Horton during a seventh-lap restart and then went on to finish ahead of Brad Horton, George Begg, John Gilroy and Stan Vishinski IV.

Paul Maiolo moved ahead of Jim Hajkowski through the second turn on the eighth lap and then went on to score his second win this season in the Street Stock 15-lap feature.

Hajkowski, who led from the third lap, held on to finish second with Mike Vigiletti, Jim Maher and Wayne Taylor following.

Modified Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Tommy Meier, 2. Jerry Higbie, 3. L.J. Lombardo, 4. Billy VanInwegen, 5. Stewart Friesen, 6. Danny Cronk, 7. John Lieto, 8. Chris Whitehead, 9. Craig Mitchell, 10. John Ferrier, 11. Jeremy Markle, 12. Michael Storms, 13. Bob McGannon, 14. Brendan Finley, 15. Gary Edwards Jr., 16. Mike Horton, 17. Jimmy Horton, 18. Joe Puzzella, 19. Matt Janiak, 20. Richie Eurich, 21. Mike Kolka, 22. Chris Shultz, 23. Steve Dodd, 24. Donnie Wilson, 25. C.G. Morey. Disqualified: Mike Ruggiero. Did Not Qualify: Jesse Kline.

CRSA 305 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Brian Krummel, 2. Scott Goodrich, 3. Christian Rumsey, 4. Kyle Smith, 5. Thomas Radivoy, 6. Eddie Strada, 7. Emily VanInwegen, 8. Billy VanInwegen, 9. Brett Jaycox, 10. Peter Dance, 11. Dalton Herrick, 12. Tyler Jashembowski, 13. Dana Wagner, 14. Jeremy Quick, 15. Sydney Prince, 16. Craig Pellegrini, 17. Scott Flammer. Did Not Start: Rick Stone.

Sportsman Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Tyler Boniface, 2. Anthony Falanga, 3. Dan Morgiewicz, 4. Jesse Leiby, 5. Leo Fotopoulos, 6. Jeff Hulseapple, 7. Jeff Richardson, 8. Joe Conklin, 9. Patrick Murphy, 10. Troy Arnold, 11. Rafaele Carson, 12. Bobby DeLeon, 13. Joe Bonetti, 14. Howie Finch, 15. Jimmy Johnson, 16. Steve Eubanks, 17. Allison Ricci, 18. Austin Smith, 19. Chris Stevens, 20. Pete Goydich, 21. Billy Eggers Jr., 22. Joey Bruning, 23. Frank Venezia, 24. Eddie Burgess. Did Not Qualify: Joey Falanga, Bob Wosyluk, Milton Mann, Matt Burke, Phil Johnson, Michael Murphy, Tommy Vigh Jr., Justin Gilson, Doc Young, Winter Mead, Ron Cockley.

First Rookie Crate Sportsman Feature Finish, 12 Laps: 1. Cole Hentschel, 2. Roger Henion Jr., 3. Rich Ricci III, 4. John Farissier, 5. Patrick Reiser, 6. Brian Jones, 7. Taylor Hurban, 8. Derrick Cormier, 9. Michael Guiliano, 10. Dylan Smith, 11. Bobby Flood, 12. Ashley Rogosich, 13. Cody Hunt, 14. Kyle Jashembowski, 15. Bob Hallabeck. Did Not Start: Paul Hyde.

Second Rookie Crate Sportsman Feature Finish, 12 Laps: 1. Matt Shultz, 2. Brad Horton, 3. George Begg, 4. John Gilroy, 5. Stan Vishinski IV, 6. Chris Raser, 7. Jake Granacker, 8. Erin Paulison, 9. Ricky Ryder, 10. Mike Orlando, 11. Tanner Johnson, 12. Rich Eggers, 13. Danny Carlough, 14. Connor Otten. Did Not Start: Russell Crotty.

Street Stock Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Paul Maiolo, 2. Jim Hajkowski, 3. Mike Vigiletti, 4. Jim Maher, 5. Wayne Taylor, 6. Emerson Cargain Sr., 7. Ron Constable, 8. Terry McNamara, 9. Tim Daly, 10. Mario Contarino, 11. John Hechinger, 12. Stan Vishinski Sr., 13. Michael O’Sullivan, 14. Charlie Donald, 15. Emerson Cargain Jr., 16. Kevin Colman. Did Not Start: Tommy Pickles.

2016 Eastern States Weekend Price List

Posted: June 26th, 2016


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