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Racing Resumes Saturday, July 9

Posted: June 27th, 2016


MIDDLETOWN, NY (June 27)......There will be a break in the action this Saturday, July 2 as Orange County Fair Speedway will be closed so fans and racers alike can spend the Independence Day Holiday weekend with family and friends. Racing will resume on Saturday, July 9 with a full program of Big-Block Modified, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stock racing. Also on the card will be the season’s third appearance of the CRSA Sprint Cars.

Falanga Trucking and Johnstons Toyota will be the July 9 race night sponsors

Currently, Tommy Meier heads the point standings in both Orange County Modified divisions. In Big-Block Modified competition, Meier (620 points) leads Billy Vaninwegen (611), Jerry Higbie (604), Jimmy Horton (603), and LJ Lombardo (593). In the Small-Block division, Meier (567 points) is ahead of Brian Krummel (559), Bob McGannon (548), Shane Jablonka (525), and Jimmy Spellmon (524).

Tyler Boniface (690 points) tops the Sportsman ranks, with Jeff Hulseapple (675), Joe Conklin (also 675), Jesse Leiby (673), and Tyler Johnston (also 673) trailing.

Leading in Street Stock competition is Mike Vigiletti (566 points), followed closely by Emerson Cargain Sr. (563). Third belongs to Jim Maher (531), with Jim Hajkowski (524) and Paul Maiolo (523) rounding out the top-five.

Admission prices for the July 9 race meet remain at $15 adults, $13 seniors, and $1.00 for children 12 and under. The full night of racing begins promptly at 6:30 pm.

Advance tickets for the 55th Annual Eastern States Weekend are now on sale. Information for all Orange County Fair Speedway action is available at the speedway website,, or from at the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.


July 16 – Jesco/Ultimate Restoration LLC Night. Law Enforcement Appreciation Night. Modifieds, Small-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks. Crane Golf Challenge Series Point Race No. 3 for Street Stocks. Kids Club activities.

July 20-31 – 176th Annual Orange County Fair

June 25th Recap

Posted: June 26th, 2016


MIDDLETOWN, NY – This time of the year holds a special meaning in the heart of Modified driver Donnie Wilson.
Because Father’s Day is celebrated every June and the month has produced some of the fondest memories for Wilson as both a driver and fan while growing up through the racing seasons at the Orange County Fair Speedway.

‘This is my second home,’’ said Wilson, the son of retired Modified driver Billy Wilson. “My father brought us to the races many years ago and we pretty much lived our summers growing up here. It brings back a lot of very fond memories, but this time of the year always seems to be extra special.’’

Because Donnie Wilson captured his first career Modified victory at OCFS during Father’s Day Weekend two years ago and last Saturday night returned to victory lane as he completely dominated a 23-car field to win the 30-lap main event.

Wilson, making only his third start aboard a car he purchased from Craig Mitchell last fall, started on the pole and never looked back as he blistered the five-eighths mile, hard clay oval with speeds averaging over 104 miles per hour to finish more than three seconds ahead of John Ferrier when OCFS starter Bob Ryder waved the checkered flags.

“You could say this car is pretty much brand new,’’ said Wilson. “It only has about 15 races on it and was just what I was looking for. Hollywood (Mitchell) wasn’t happy with it and sold it to me last fall. It’s a 2015 TEO and Bobby Hearn pretty much just has the basic set up on it.

“I’m very happy with the car and can’t believe I’ve won in just it’s third time out. I thought I had motor issues a week ago and sat out both Twin 20s. We took the car to Precision Engine that Sunday and it turned out to be a carburetor issue. He just fine tuned the motor and I got it back that night.’’

Wilson, who claimed his first Modified win on June 14, 2014, also drove to an impressive victory in his qualifying race and that handicapped him to the pole position for the main event.

“That first win is something I’ll never forget,’’ said Donnie Wilson, who also has five Small Block Modified victories here.

“Because it happened on Father’s Day Weekend. I’ve had some other opportunities to win, but something always seemed to happen late in the race.

“My father’s last win here came in 2007. I was leading in the race and he was running second. I blew out a tire on the last lap and just couldn’t finish. He went on for the win. It was bittersweet, but that happened on June 2 that season.’’

Ferrier, who started outside pole, held off several challenges provided by Stewart Friesen during the course of the race to finish in second. Friesen, who is still seeking his first OCFS win in 2016, settled for third with Brendan Finley, Gary Edwards Jr., Danny Cronk, Tommy Meier, Mike Ruggiero, Jerry Higbie and Jimmy Horton following.

Matt Janiak and Edwards were both victorious in Small Block Modified competition as the division had a pair of 25-lap main events.

Janiak, after starting fourth, bolted into first place before a lap was scored and held off Shane Jablonka during the closing stages of the event to claim the first Small Block Modified victory of his OCFS career.

“We had a very good car tonight and I just wish I could have finished a little better in the first feature,’’ said Janiak, who finished second to Edwards. “But it feels great getting this first win.’’

Jimmy Spellmon finished in third place in the Small Block nightcap with Bob McGannon and Meier rounding out the top five.

Edwards, after starting 12th, had a much tougher time reaching victory lane for the second time this season and for the seventh time of his OCFS career.

Edwards avoided several caution periods during the middle stages of the race, but was able to move forward and was racing among the leaders by the 11th circuit.

Janiak, who also owns seven OCFS Sportsman wins, enjoyed a brief lead for three laps before getting out of shape following a 14th-lap restart and losing three positions.

McGannon then surged ahead and remained there until Edwards finally gained control on the 20th circuit. Edwards then went on to finish ahead of Janiak, McGannon, Meier and Brian Krummel.

Tyler Johnston grabbed the first victory of his young racing career as he held off the late-race charge provided by John Leiby to capture the Sportsman 20-lap feature.

Johnston, who started on the pole, led throughout the race as several drivers battled among the top five behind him. Allison Ricci, Frank Venezia and Leiby all raced second at different stages of the race, but were never able to mount a serious pass for the lead.

Leiby wound up finishing second with Venezia, Ricci and Jeff Hulseapple rounding out the top five.

Jim Hajkowski picked up his first career victory in the Street Stock 15-lsp feature as he finished ahead of Emerson Cargain Sr., Paul Maiolo, Wayne Taylor and Jim Maher Jr.

Hajkowski snatched the lead away from Mario Contarino on the fifth lap and then held off Cargain during the last five laps to notch his initial win here.

Modified Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Donnie Wilson, 2. John Ferrier, 3. Stewart Friesen, 4. Brendan Finley, 5. Gary Edwards Jr., 6. Danny Cronk, 7. Tommy Meier, 8. Mike Ruggiero, 9. Jerry Higbie, 10. Jimmy Horton, 11. Billy VanInwegen, 12. Craig Mitchell, 13. Matt Janiak, 14. Jeremy Markle, 15. Mike Kolka, 16. Bob McGannon, 17. Chris Shultz, 18. C.G. Morey, 19. L.J. Lombardo, 20. John Lieto, 21. Richie Eurich, 22. Chris Whitehead, 23. Rob Rowe, 24. Justin Gozzi.

Small Block Modified Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Matt Janiak, 2. Shane Jablonka, 3. Jimmy Spellmon, 4. Bob McGannon, 5. Tommy Meier, 6. Tom Hindley, 7. Gary Edwards Jr., 8. Brian Krummel, 9. Bobby Hentschel, 10. Jesse Leiby, 11. Rob Rowe, 12. Zack Vavricka, 13. Tyler McKee, 14. Eddie Burgess, 15. Frank Doty, 16. Roger Henion Jr., 17. Willy Auchmoody, 18. Joe Barbagallo Jr., 19. Tim Hindley, 20. Tyler Treacy, 21. Rich Eggers, 22. Joe Falanga. Did Not Start: John Ferrier.

Held Over Small Block Modified Feature, 25 Laps: 1. Gary Edwards Jr., 2. Matt Janiak, 3. Bob McGannon, 4. Tommy Meier, 5. Brian Krummel, 6. Jimmy Spellmon, 7. Tyler McKee, 8. Tom Hindley, 9. Rob Rowe, 10. Bobby Hentschel, 11. Joe Barbagallo Jr., 12. Eddie Burgess, 13. Frank Doty, 14. Jesse Leiby, 15. Joe Falanga, 16. Willy Auchmoody, 17. Shane Jablonka, 18. Tim Hindley, 19. John Ferrier, 20. Tyler Treacy, 21. Rich Eggers.

Sportsman Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Tyler Johnston, 2. Jesse Leiby, 3. Frank Venezia, 4. Allison Ricci, 5. Jeff Hulseapple, 6. Randy Sweetman, 7. Joey Bruning, 8. Joe Falanga, 9. Anthony Falanga, 10. Tony Kowalchuk, 11. Eddie Burgess, 12. Howie Finch, 13. Tommy Vigh Jr., 14. Dan Morgiewicz, 15. Danny Carlough, 16. Jimmy Johnson, 17. Joe Conklin, 18. Chris Stevens, 19. Tyler Boniface, 20. Jeff Richardson, 21. Rafaele Carson, 22. Greg Sleight, 23. Austin Smith, 24. Leo Fotopoulos. Did Not Qualify: Troy Arnold, Billy Eggers Jr., Anthony Horton, Brad Horton, Bob Wosyluk, Justin Gilson, Dylan Smith, Tanner Johnson, Corey Cormier, Phil Johnson, Matt Shultz, Matt Hitchcock, John Gilroy, Otto Bradatsch.

Street Stock Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Jim Hajkowski, 2. Emerson Cargain Sr., 3. Paul Maiolo, 4. Wayne Taylor, 5. Jim Maher, 6. Terry McNamara, 7. Tim Daly, 8. Tommy Pickle, 9. Marioi Contarino, 10. Curtis Ayers, 11. Mike Vigiletti, 12. Emerson Cargain Jr. Did Not Start: Ron Constable.

June 25th Full Results

Modified Winner - Donnie Wilson
Holdover Small Block Modified Winner
- Gary Edwards, Jr.
Small Block Modified Winner
- Matt Janiak
Sportsman Winner
- Tyler Johnston
Street Stock Winner
Jim Hajkowski


Heat 1) Donnie Wilson, Mike Kolka, Jimmy Horton, Bob McGannon, Rob Rowe, Justin Gozzi, Matt Janiak, Rich Eurich

Heat 2) John Lieto, Craig Mitchell, Tommy Meier, Danny Cronk, Billy Vaninwegen, Jeremy Markle, Chris Whitehead

Heat 3) John Ferrier, Brendan Finley, Mike Ruggiero, Stewart Friesen, Gary Edwards Jr., Chris Shultz, LJ Lombardo, Jerry Higbie, CG Morey

FEATURE) Donnie Wilson, John Ferrier, Stewart Friesen, Brendan Finley, Gary Edwards Jr., Danny Cronk, Tommy Meier, Mike Ruggiero, Jerry Higbie, Jimmy Horton, Billy Vaninwegen, Craig Mitchell, Matt Janiak, Jeremy Markle, Mike Kolka, Bob McGannon, Chris Shultz, CG Morey, LJ Lombardo, John Lieto, Rich Eurich, Chris Whitehead, Rob Rowe, Justin Gozzi

Small Block Modifieds:

Holdover Feature) Gary Edwards Jr., Matt Janiak, Bob McGannon, Tommy Meier, Brian Krummel Jimmy Spellmon, Tyler McKee, Tom Hindley, Rob Rowe, Bobby Hentschel, Joe Barbagallo, Eddie Burgess, Frank Doty, Jesse Leiby, Joe Falanga, Willy Auchmoody, Shane Jablonka, Tim Hindley, John Ferrier, Tyler Treacy, Rich Eggers

Heat 1) Bobby Hentschel, Jimmy Spellmon, Bob McGannon, Tyler McKee, Eddie Burgess, Willy Auchmoody, Joe Barbagallo

Heat 2) Tom Hindley, Brian Krummel, Rob Rowe, Gary Edwards Jr., Zach Vavricka, Tim Hindley, Jesse Leiby, Mike Weslowski

Heat 3) Tommy Meier, Matt Janiak, Shane Jablonka, Frank Doty, Tyler Treacy, Roger Henion Jr., Rich Eggers, Joe Falanga (DNS) John Ferrier (DNS)

FEATURE) Matt Janiak, Shane Jablonka, Jimmy Spellmon, Bob McGannon, Tommy Meier, Tom Hindley, Gary Edwards Jr., Brian Krummel, Bobby Hentschel, Jesse Leiby, Rob Rowe, Zach Vavricka, Tyler McKee, Eddie Burgess, Frank Doty, Roger Henion Jr., Willy Auchmoody, Joe Barbagallo, Tim Hindley, Tyler Treacy, Rich Eggers, Joe Falanga, Mike Weslowski, John Ferrier (DNS)


Heat 1) Tyler Johnston, Joe Falanga, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Kowalchuck, Daniel Morgiiewicz, Greg SLeight, Tanner Johnson, Justin Gilson

Heat 2) Frank Venezia, Tyler Boniface, Jesse Leiby, Tommy Vigh, John Gilroy, Leo Fotopoulos, Anthony Horton,

Heat 3) Allison Ricci, Randy Sweetman, Jeff Hulseapple, Jeff Richardson, Corey Cormier, Dylan Smith, Brad Horton, Billy Eggers

Heat 4) Anthony Falanga, Eddie Burgess, Rafaele Carson , Joey Bruning, Troy Arnold, Matt Shultz, Rob Wosyluk

Heat 5) Austin Smith, Chris Stevens, Joe COnklin, Howie Finch, Matt Hitchcock, Phil Johnson, Danny Carlough

Consi) Leo Fotopoulos, Greg Sleight, Danny Carlough, Daniel Morgiewicz, Troy Arnold, Billy Eggers, Anthony Horton, Brad Horton, Rob Wosyluk, Justin Gilson, Dylan Smith, Tanner Johnson, Corey Cormier, Phil Johnson, Matt Shultz, Matt Hitchcock

FEATURE) Tyler Johnston, Jesse Leiby, Frank Venezia, Allison Ricci, Jeff Hulseapple, Randy Sweetman, Joey Bruning, Joe Falanga, Anthony Falanga, Tony Kowalchuk, Eddie Burgess, Howie Finch, Tommy Vigh, Dan Morgiewicz, Danny Carlough, Jimmy Johnson, Joe Conklin, Chris Stevens, Tyler Boniface, Jeff Richardson, Rafaele Carson, Greg Sleight, Austin Smith, Leo Fotopoulos

Street Stock:

FEATURE) Jim Hajkowski, Emersn Cargain Sr., Paul Maiolo, Wayne Taylor, Jim Maher, Terry McNamara, Tim Daley, Tommy Pickle, Mario Contarino, Curt Ayers, Mike Vigiletti, Emerson Cargain Jr., Ron Constable (DNS)

2016 Eastern States Weekend Price List

Posted: June 26th, 2016


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