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  • May 28th, 2016 - Kenny Wallace Dirt Driving Experience
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June 4 Racing Program to Include Vintage Race Cars on the Hard Clay

Posted: May 22nd, 2016

MIDDLETOWN, NY (May 20)……..The stars come out on Saturday, June 6 when Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York hosts its annual Nostalgia Night. Nearly 70 former drivers and car owners have indicated they will be on hand for the fun-filled night of remembrance, autographs, and interviews, all to help Orange County celebrate its glorious stock car racing history. Among the drivers expected are former Eastern States 200 winners Frankie Schneider, Gerald Chamberlain, Buzzie Reutimann, and Gary Balough. They’ll be joined by 50 or more additional drivers from Orange County’s long and glorious history.

In addition to this colorful look back at Orange County racing history, a full program of Big-Block Modified, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stock racing is scheduled. The always unpredictable Rookie Sportsman will be competing in the $500-to-win Marky Traverse Memorial Race. And to make the night complete, the restored and vintage race cars of the Northeast Vintage Modified Racing Club and the Atlantic Coast Old Timers will help fans recall the great race cars of yesterday.

An extended intermission period will allow fans to interact and get autographs with the returning stars of The Hard Clay.

Sponsors for the evening are Tire King of Sussex County and Frank Stevens & Sons Roofing.
Admission prices for the big June 4 race meet remain at $15 adults, $13 seniors, and $1.00 for children 12 and under. Please note that this full night of racing and reminiscence begins promptly at 6:00 pm.

Advance ticket sales and track information is available at the Orange County website,, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours. Additional drivers wishing to take part in Nostalgia Night are asked to contact the speedway office to be included in the activities.


June 11 – Dana Distributors/Sparta Trucking Night, Modifieds, Small-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks; Charlie Loder Memorial for Small-Block Modifieds (Eastern States Qualifier), Crane Golf Challenge Series Point Race No. 2 for Street Stocks

May 21st Results - Rain Shortened Program

Posted: May 22nd, 2016

The Small Block Modified Feature will be made up at a later date and the Twin Twenties will be rescheduled for a later date.

Small Block Modified Heats:

Heat 1) Jimmy Spellmon, Shane Jablonka, Bobby Hentschel, Bob McGannon, Kirk Horton, Bryan Wood, Joey Falanga, Eddie Burgess

Heat 2) Tom Hindley, Tyler McKee, Tim Hindley, Willy Auchmoody, Rob Rowe, Joey Barbagallo, John Ferrier, Rich Eggers

Heat 3) Matt Janiak, Frank Doty, Jesse Leiby, Gary Edwards Jr., Danny Creeden, Tommy Meier, Brian Krummel, Tyler Treacy

Sportsman Heats:

Heat 1) Johnny Illanovsky, Tyler Boniface, Howie Finch, Tony Kowalchuk, Joe Conklin, Jared Labagh, Bobby Deleon, Charlie Donald, Jim VanAnden, Brad Horton

Heat 2) Steve Eubanks, Jimmy Johnson, Allison Ricci, Troy Arnold, Billy Eggers Jr., Tommy Vigh, Alan Cote, Tanner Johnson, Dylan Smith

Heat 3) Randy Sweetman, Chris Stevens, Joe Bonetti, Austin Smith, Milton Mann, Larry Hendershot, Rafaele Carson, Patrick Reiser, John Gilroy, RJ Smith

Sportsman Heats 4 & 5, Modified Heats 1,2,3 and Street Stock Feature - RAINED OUT

Week 4 Recap

Posted: May 8, 2016


MIDDLETOWN, NY – The waiting is finally over for veteran Modified driver Jeff Heotzler Sr.

Heotzler, who will be enshrined in the Northeast Dirt Modified Hall of Fame in August, joined an elite group of Modified drivers at the Orange County Fair Speedway last Saturday when he captured his 50th career victory at the historic track in the 30-lap main event.

Heotzler, who picked up his initial triumph here on May 14, 1983, became only the third driver in the track’s rich Modified history to reach the 50-win milestone – joining Brett Hearn (174) and Frankie Schneider (58).

“I’m glad to finally get this behind me,’’ said Heotzler, “but this is also going to be a season to remember. It’s just fantastic getting 50 wins here and being elected into the Hall of Fame is something I’ll always cherish. We’ve struggled to get here and got off to a pretty lousy start. But this makes it all worthwhile.’’

Heotzler, who blew an engine on April 30, captured the first qualifying heat and then was handicapped to start on the pole for the main event. The 58-year-old Wallkill resident, who is in the midst of his 39th racing season, vaulted right into the lead and remained there until Jeremy Markle’s backstretch mishap forced a caution with two laps completed.

Chris Shultz, who rolled his car in the first turn a week earlier, got the jump on Heotzler in his makeshift Modified on the restart and seemed in command despite three more cautions in the early going. Stewart Friesen forced one of them when his car slowed off the fourth turn and he was forced to retire after just seven laps.

Bob McGannon’s third-turn incident forced the race’s final caution and set the stage for Heotzler’s race-winning move.

“I can’t believe he (Shultz) gave me the outside on that restart,’’ said Heotzler. “There was a lot of bite on the top tonight and I was able to drive around him. He was able to do the same thing to me earlier in the race.’’

Heotzler was able to stretch his lead out to the finish as he notched his first OCFS win since May 2, 2015.

“I really didn’t know how much of a lead I had,’’ said Heotzler. “I thought there was someone right on my tail. I just wanted to get this race over because reaching the 50 wins has been a struggle. I’m glad it’s over, but this is a special moment for me.’’

Shultz was able to hold on to finish a distant second with another pair of veteran competitors – Jimmy Horton and Richie Eurich – following close behind. Eurich entered the season with 49 career OCFS wins as well and is the only active driver within the milestone.

Craig Mitchell concluded the top five with Mike Kolka, L.J. Lombardo, Tommy Meier, Jerry Higbie and Billy VanInwegen following.

Reigning track titlist Gary Edwards Jr. started on the pole and led the distance as he displayed some awesome power en route to his first win this season in the Small Block Modified 25-lap main event.

Edwards, who has struggled during the early season, was in complete control from the drop of the opening green as he averaged speeds of nearly 106 miles per hour to finish more than four seconds ahead of McGannon at the finish. The Wurtsboro driver claimed his sixth career triumph.

Meier capitalized on a late-race charge to finish in third place with Tom Hindley, Brian Krummel, Frank Doty, Shane Jablonka, Joe Falanga, John Lieto and Jesse Leiby following.

Eddie Strada got the Capital Region Sprint Agency’s 2016 schedule at OCFS to a flying start as he drove his powerful 305-cubic inch sprinter to a convincing victory in the 20-lap feature.

Strada, who earned his first career victory here, and the rest of his CRSA competitors will have five stops at OCFS this season. There were 20 cars here for their opening show.

Strada grabbed the lead from Christian Rumsey on the second lap and never looked back as he finished ahead of Rumsey, Krummel, Scott Flammer and Scott Goodrich.

Chris Stevens picked up his first triumph of the season in the Sportsman 20-lap feature as he finished ahead of Frank Venezia, Tyler Johnston, Joe Conklin and Tyler Boniface.

Stevens, who started on the pole, never trailed during the race as he secured his fifth career win at the track. Venezia, who claimed his first victory of 2016 a week ago, charged ahead of Johnston following a 16th lap restart, but never challenged Stevens for first place.

Defending track champion Jim Maher passed Joel Murns Jr. on the final lap to register his first win of the season in an exciting Street Stock 15-lap feature.

Maher, who started 10th, chased Murns since grabbing second place following a restart on the second lap. But Murns was able to stave off each challenge Maher had to offer as the race progressed.

Maher finally found an opening off the second turn on the final lap as he went on to secure his 10th career victory ahead of Murns, Mike Vigiletti, Paul Maiolo and Emerson Cargain Sr.

Modified Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Jeff Heotzler Sr., 2. Chris Shultz, 3. Jimmy Horton, 4. Richie Eurich, 5. Craig Mitchell, 6. Mike Kolka, 7. L.J. Lombardo, 8. Tommy Meier, 9. Jerry Higbie, 10. Billy VanInwegen, 11. John Lieto, 12. Matt Janiak, 13. Mike Ruggiero, 14. John Ferrier, 15. Danny Cronk, 16. Gary Edwards Jr., 17. Mike Wahl, 18. Jeremy Markle, 19. Stewart Friesen, 20. Jesse Kline, 21. Bob McGannon, 22. Brendan Finley, 23. Chris Whitehead. Did Not Start: Steve Dodd.

Small Block Modified Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Gary Edwards Jr., 2. Bob McGannon, 3. Tommy Meier, 4. Tom Hindley, 5. Brian Krummel, 6. Frank Doty, 7. Shane Jablonka, 8. Joe Falanga, 9. John Lieto, 10. Jesse Leiby, 11. Rob Rowe, 12. Bobby Hentschel, 13. John Ferrier, 14. Jimmy Spellmon, 15. Joe Barbagallo Jr., 16. Tyler Treacy, 17. Mike McKerrell, 18. Kirk Horton, 19. Eddie Burgess, 20. Zack Vavricka, 21. Tim Hindley, 22. Rich Eggers, 23. Matt Janiak. Did Not Start: Tyler McKee.

CRSA 305 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Eddie Strada, 2. Christian Rumsey, 3. Brian Krummel, 4. Scott Flammer, 5. Scott Goodrich, 6. Thomas Radivoy, 7. Josh Flint, 8. Brett Jaycox, 9. Bobby Hackel, 10. Kyle Smith, 11. Dana Wagner, 12. Chuck Alessi, 13. Dalton Herrick, 14. Emily VanInwegen, 15. Ed Newhauser, 16. Art Kiser, 17. Sydney Prince, 18. Craig Pellegrini, 19. Tyler Jashembowski. Did Not Start: Billy VanInwegen.

Sportsman Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Chris Stevens, 2. Frank Venezia, 3. Tyler Johnston, 4. Joe Conklin, 5. Tyler Boniface, 6. Brandon Grosso, 7. Jeff Richardson, 8. Jeff Hulseapple, 9. Allison Ricci, 10. Anthony Falanga, 11. Dan Morgiewicz, 12. Howie Finch, 13. Jimmy Johnson, 14. Patrick Murphy, 15. Corey Cormier, 16. Joe Bonetti, 17. Dillon Steuer, 18. R.J. Smith, 19. Troy Arnold, 20. Randy Sweetman, 21. John Illanovsky, 22. Jesse Leiby, 23. Larry Hendershot, 24. Rafaele Carson. Did Not Start: Joe Falanga. Did Not Qualify: Nick Plumstead, Austin Smith, Leo Fotopoulos, Matt Stangle, Connor Otten, Jim Kraus, Tommy Vigh Jr., David Demorest, Tanner Johnson, Milton Mann, Dylan Smith, Patrick Reiser, Eddie Burgess, Phil Johnson, Brad Horton, Steve Eubanks, Zach Mead, Matt Shultz, Charlie Donald, Tony Kowalchuk, Anthony Horton.

Street Stock Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Jim Maher, 2. Joel Murns Jr., 3. Mike Vigiletti, 4. Paul Maiolo, 5. Emerson Cargain Sr., 6. Emerson Cargain Jr., 7. Jim Hajkowski, 8. Tommy Pickles, 9. Terry McNamara, 10. Mario Contarino, 11. Ron Constable, Wayne Taylor.

Week 4 Results- 5/7/16

Modified Winner - Jeff Heotzler
Small Block Modified Winner
- Gary Edwards, Jr.
Sportsman Winner
- Chris Stevens
Street Stock Winner
- Jim Maher
CRSA Sprint Winner
- Ed Strada


Heat 1) Jeff Heotzler, Chris Shultz, Rich Eurich, Jimmy Horton, Matt Janiak, Chris Whitehead, Bob McGannon, John Lieto

Heat 2) Billy Vaninwegen, Brendan Finley, Jerry Higbie, Mike Kolka, Tommy Meier, Gary Edwards Jr., Danny Cronk

Heat 3) Stewart Freisen, Mike Ruggiero, Crsig Mitchell, LJ Lombardo, Jesse Kline, John Ferrier, Jeremy Markle, Mike Wahl, Steve Dodd

Feature) Jeff Heotzler, Chris Shultz, Jimmy Horton, Rich Eurich, Craig Mitchell, Mike Kolka, LJ Lombardo, Tommy Meier, Jerry Higbie, Billy Vaninwegen, John Lieto, Matt Janiak, Mike Ruggiero, John Ferrier, Danny Cronk, Gary Edwards Jr., Mike Wahl, Jeremy Markle, Stewart Freisen, Jesse Kline, Bob McGannon, Brendan Finley, Chris Whitehead, Steve Dodd

Small Block Modifieds:

Heat 1) Matt Janiak, Gary Edwards Jr., Tim Hindley, Jesse Leiby, Joe Falanga, John Lieto, Rich Eggers, Tyler McKee

Heat 2) Tom Hindley, Bob McGannon, Tommy Meier, Bobby Hentschel, Kirk Horton, Joe Barbagallo, Mike McKerrell, John Ferrier

Heat 3) Jimmy Spellmon, Brian Krummel, Frank Doty, Shane Jablonka, Rob Rowe, Zach Vavricka, Eddie Burgess, Tyler Treacy

FEATURE) Gary Edwards Jr., Bob McGannon, Tommy Meier, Tom Hindley, Brian Krummel, Frank Doty, Shane Jablonka, Joe Falanga, John Lieto, Jesse Leiby, Rob Rowe, Bobby Hentschel, John Ferrier, Jimmy Spellmon, Joe Barbagallo, Tyler Treacy, Mike McKerrell, Kirk Horton, Eddie Burgess, Zach Vavricka, Tim Hindley, Rich Eggers, Matt Janiak, Tyler McKee


Heat 1) Chris Stevens, Joe Conklin, Tyler Boniface, Joe Falanga, RJ Smith, Charlie Donald, Leo Fotopoulos, Pat Reiser, Dylan Smith, Milton Mann

Heat 2) Tyler Johnston, Jesse Leiby, Howie Finch, Larry Hendershot, Pat Murphy, Connor Otten, Steve Eubanks, Tanner Johnson, Anthony Horton

Heat 3) Daniel Morgiewicz, Frank Venezia, Dillon Steuer, Troy Arnold, Nick Plumstead, Zach Mead, Tommy Vigh, Tony Kowalchuk, Dave Demorest

Heat 4) Jeff Richardson, Brandon Grosso, Joe Bonetti, Jeff Hulseapple, Jimmt Johnson, Austin Smith, Phil Johnson, Jim Kraus, Eddie Burgess

Heat 5) Anthony Falanga, Johnny Illanovsky, Randy Sweetman, Rafaele Carson, Corey Cormier, Allison Ricci, Matt Strangle, Brad Horton, Matt Shultz

FEATURE) Chris Stevens, Frank Venezia, Tyler Johnston, Joe Conklin, Tyler Boniface, Brandon Grosso, Jeff Richardson, Jeff Hulseapple, Allison Ricci, Anthony Falanga, Daniel Morgiewicz, Howie Finch, Jimmy Johnson, Pat Murphy, Corey Cormier, Joe Bonetti, Dillon Steuer, RJ Smith, Troy Arnold, Randy Sweetman, Johnny Illanovsky, Jesse Leiby, Larry Hendershot, Rafaele Carson, Joey Falanga

Street Stock:

Jim Maher, Joel Murns, Mike Vigiletti, Paul Maiolo, Emerson Cargain Sr., Emerson Cargain Jr., Jim Hajkowski, Tommy Pickles, Terry McNamara, Mario Contarino, Ron Constable, Wayne Taylor


Heat 1) Scott Flammer, Scott Goodrich, Kyle Smith, Dana Wagner, Bobby Hackel, Chuck Alessi, Billy Vaninwegen

Heat 2) Dalton Herrick, Josh Flint, Brett Jaycox, Tyler Jashembowski, Ed Newhauser, Craig Pellegrini, Emily Vaninwegen

Heat 3) Ed Strada, Christian Rumsey, Thomas Radivoy, Brian Krummel, Art Kiser, Sydney Prince

FEATURE) Ed Strada, Christian Rumsey, Brian Krummel, Scott Flammer, Scott Goodrich, Thomas Radivoy, Josh Flint, Brett Jaycox, Bobby Hackel, Kyle Smith, Dana Wagner, Chuck Alessi, Dalton Herrick, Emily Vaninwegen, Ed Newhauser, Art Kiser, Sydney Prince, Craig Pellegrini, Tyler Jashembowski, Billy Vaninwegen

Week 3 Recap

Posted: April 30th, 2016


MIDDLETOWN, NY – Tommy Meier is in the midst of what has to be considered the hottest streak he’s ever savored during his Modified racing career at the Orange County Fair Speedway.

Meier, including his first Eastern States 200 victory last October, has now won three of the last four Modified features contested at OCFS after tracking down Jimmy Horton for a thrilling triumph in last Saturday night’s 30-lapper, which was worth $5,000.

Meier, who has suddenly emerged as a dominant figure in lucrative paying events, found the high road to his liking as he rocketed past his competition en route to overtaking Horton on the final lap as he secured his 18th career OCFS win – knotting Pee Wee Griffin for 21st place on the track’s all-time leader board.

“It’s a little risky going on the top here because you just don’t know what kind of a grip you’re going to get on the surface,’’ said Meier. “But I knew by the fifth lap that I could go out there and it was kind of by mistake.

“I got a little tap to the outside and was surprised just how well I was able to stick to the surface. I was able to move out even further as the race progressed and knew I found something special. I don’t think he (Horton) even knew I was there. I was just able to ride around him and into the lead.’’

Meier was able to move into first place while riding off the first turn on the final lap. The two drivers took the white flag almost dead even before Meier went on to score the exciting victory.

But the route to victory didn’t come without a few bumps in the road. Meier, after starting ninth in the 27-car field, was having a difficult time working his way around Jerry Higbie and John Lieto as the race was entering its middle stages.

“Jerry was racing the same line I was and was tough to get around,’’ said Meier. “But he drove down low to try to get around Lieto, and that left the outside wide open. I was able to drive around him and then passed Lieto shortly after that.’’

Meier moved into fourth place past Higbie on the 17th circuit around the five-eighths mile, hard clay oval and passed Lieto a lap later to move into third. The veteran Waldwick, N.J., driver moved ahead of Mike Kolka for second by the 20th lap and then set his sights on Horton.

Horton, an OCFS regular for the first time in many seasons in 2016, was enjoying a commanding lead aboard the Halmar No. 43 Modified. Horton wrestled first place away from Jeff Heotzler Sr. following a second lap restart and was looking for his first OCFS win since Aug. 31, 1996.

But Meier, who was averaging speeds of over 106 miles per hour, was able to reel in Horton with each passing lap before making his race-winning move on the final circuit. Horton settled for a second-place effort with Kolka, Lieto, Higbie, L.J. Lombardo, Billy VanInwegen, Chris Whitehead, Brendan Finley and Gary Edwards Jr. rounding out the top 10.

The race was only cautioned once when Chris Shultz rolled his Modified in the first turn after one lap was scored. Shultz lost the brakes on his car and headed straight into the wall. He wasn’t injured, but the car had extensive damage.

Frank Venezia, who has struggled with a rash of bad luck, took advantage of a good starting position to secure his first win this season in the Sportsman 20-lap main event.

Venezia, who started on the pole, got the jump on teenage rookie driver Leo Fotopoulos following an eighth-lap restart and then went on to secure his 11th OCFS career win. Fotopoulos had led the race since the opening lap.

The race was marred by two multi-car pileups as only 14 of the starting 24-car field finished the event. Jeff Richardson slowly rolled his car in a first-turn mishap involving five cars before a lap was scored, but was able to continue racing.

However, reigning track champion Randy Sweetman and Johnny Illanovsky were not as fortunate. A homestretch accident later in the race sent Joe Bonetti, Chris Stevens and Tony Kowalchuk to the pits with extensive damage to their cars.
Fotopoulos was able to steer clear of the cautions to finish in second place with Jeff Hulseapple, Tyler Boniface and Allison Ricci rounding out the top five.

Roger Henion Jr. drove past Chris Raser through the third turn on the final lap to secure his first career win in the Rookie Crate Sportsman 15-lap feature.

Raser, who started outside pole, led the race from the start as he was also searching for the initial victory of his racing career. But he fell just two turns short as Henion stole an exciting win. Corey Cormier, Patrick Reiser and Cole Hentschel completed the top five finishers.

Mike Vigiletti has served an early season statement as the driver to beat in 2016 as he grabbed his second straight victory in the Street Stock 15-lap feature.

Vigiletti wrestled the lead away from Emerson Cargain Sr. as he captured the 21st win of his OCFS career – deadlocking Ray Tarantino for fourth place all-time at the track. Cargain finished second with Jim Maher, Tarantino and Joel Murns Jr. following.

Darryl Hulbert captured the Northeast Vintage Modified 12-lap main event.

Modified Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Tommy Meier, 2. Jimmy Horton, 3. Mike Kolka, 4. John Lieto, 5. Jerry Higbie, 6. L.J. Lombardo, 7. Billy VanInwegen, 8. Chris Whitehead, 9. Brendan Finley, 10. Gary Edwards Jr., 11. Matt Janiak, 12. Craig Mitchell, 13. Bob McGannon, 14. John Ferrier, 15. Richie Eurich, 16. Jeremy Markle, 17. Danny Cronk, 18. Jesse Kline, 19. Bobby Zwart, 20. C.G. Morey, 21. Tom Hindley, 22. Jeff Heotzler Sr., 23. Kirk Horton, 24. Mike Ruggiero, 25. Steve Dodd, 26. Mike Wahl, 27. Chris Shultz.

Sportsman Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Frank Venezia, 2. Leo Fotopoulos, 3. Jeff Hulseapple, 4. Tyler Boniface, 5. Allison Ricci, 6. Patrick Murphy, 7. Troy Arnold, 8. Jimmy Johnson, 9. Rafaele Carson, 10. Howie Finch, 11. Joe Conklin, 12. Dan Morgiewicz, 13. Tyler Johnston, 14. Anthony Falanga, 15. Jesse Leiby, 16. Joe Bonetti, 17. Chris Stevens, 18. Bob Wosyluk, 19. Zach Mead, 20. Jeff Richardson, 21. Johnny Illanovsky, 22. Randy Sweetman, 23. Jared LaBagh. Disqualified: Tony Kowalchuk. Did Not Qualify: Charlie Donald, Jim Cronk, Steve Eubanks, Connor Otten, Eddie Burgess, Tommy Vigh Jr., Joey Falanga, Pete Goydich, Larry Hendershot.

Rookie Crate Sportsman Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Roger Henion Jr., 2. Chris Raser, 3. Corey Cormier, 4. Patrick Reiser, 5. Cole Hentschel, 6. George Begg, 7. Cody Hunt, 8. Stan Vishinski IV, 9. Anthony Horton, 10. Matt Shultz, 11. Danny Carlough, 12. Ashley Rogosich, 13. Rich Eggers, 14. Erin Paulison, 15. Jimmy Devitt, 16. Keith Johannessen, 17. Jared Miller, 18. Brad Horton, 19. Taylor Hurban, 20. Tighe Sherlock, 21. Phil Johnson. Did Not Start: Bob Hallabeck, Tanner Johnson.

Street Stock Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Mike Vigiletti, 2. Emerson Cargain Sr., 3. Jim Maher Jr., 4. Ray Tarantino, 5. Joel Murns Jr., 6. Jim Hajkowski, 7. Kevin Schlossareck, 8. Terry McNamara, 9. Mario Contarino, 10. Tommy Pickles, 11. Wayne Taylor, 12. Ron Constable, 13. Dick Shaddock, 14. Paul Maiolo, 15. Emerson Cargain Jr. Did Not Start: Curtis Ayers.

ortheast Vintage Modified Feature Finish, 12 Laps: 1. Darryl Hulbert, 2. Ray See Jr., 3. Chris Adams, 4. Rob Sanford, 5. Dan McKiernan, 6. Bill Liese, 7. Jeff Hager, 8. Rob Casti, 9. Ken Hermance. Did Not Start: John Hager.


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